CCCamp 2019 CCCamp 2019 was super!

I took some pictures, here they are:

Poef cooking the beginnings of a nice stew: Poef Cooking 1

Poef Cooking 2

Hacker Spaces NL (HSNL) ledbanner and tent by night: Ledbanner 1

Ledbanner 2

Badges and badgework by Badge.Team: Badges 1

Badges 2

Hacker Spaces NL (HSNL) tent by day: HSNL Tent 1

HSNL Tent 2

HSNL Tent 3

View from the HSNL tent on the Belgian Ambassy Belgian Ambassy 1

Whiteboard in front of the HSNL Tent: HSNL Whiteboard

My Cyber Station in action: Cyber Station 1

Cyber Station 2

Camp post: Camp post